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Ashling Development Tools for MIPS Technologies SmartMIPS Cores


 Ashling supplies a complete range of development tools for MIPS Technologies SmartMIPS core including:



Vitra Networked Emulator with Trace
High-Speed Emulator and Real Time Trace for SmartMIPS




 Genia Networked Emulator
 High-Speed Emulator for SmartMIPS





Opella Emulator
Entry-level Emulator for SmartMIPS








Source-level Debugger for SmartMIPS


PATHFINDER is the Source Debugger and user interface for all Ashling SmartMIPS debug products, including the Ashling VITRA, GENIA and OPELLA hardware Emulators for SmartMIPS and the SmartMIPS software Instruction-Set Simulator and cycle-accurate simulator (MIPSsim).


PATHFINDER provides multiple user-configurable windows, point-and-click, drag-and-drop, hover help and hover data display, splitter windows, menu-bar, button, hot-key and script (macro)-file controls.


PathFinder features include:




Integrated Development Environment for SmartMIPS application development


ASIDE is Ashling's Integrated Development Environment for SmartMIPS application development.


The ASIDE package, which includes the SlickEditTM Editor, together with Algorithmics' SDE-MIPS GNU Toolkit, provides a powerful and convenient development environment for SmartMIPS applications.


The Algorithmics' ( SDE-MIPS GNU Compiler and Linker tools, included on the Ashling SmartMIPS Development Tools CD, are configured and invoked from ASIDE. Compiler and linker switches may be set via user-friendly dialogs.



ASIDE features include:

ASIDE includes the SlickEditTM state-of-the art programmer's editor, with advanced features that include:

Target Connection; Device Support
VITRA, GENIA and OPELLA Emulators connect to all the MIPS Technologies Development boards (including SEAD, Atlas and Malta) using the standard EJTAG v2.6 14-way IDC connector (run-time control) and/or EJTAG PDTRACE 38-way MICTOR (trace) connectors. Ashling also provide a range of ISO-7816 or GSM SIM Smart Card probes for testing in the user's Card Reader.

All MIPS Technologies SmartMIPS core variants are supported, including 4KSc and 4KSd.



Product Summary








Summary Description

Networked Emulator with run-time control

and trace

Networked emulator with run-time control

Entry-level emulator

with run-time control

Source-level debugger

Integrated Development Environment with SDE-MIPS GNU Compiler


Vitra emulator unit

Genia emulator unit

Opella emulator unit



General-purpose trace

Up to 12 user-specified pins





PC interface

Ethernet, USB, RS232

Ethernet, USB,RS232

Parallel Port









Target Connector

EJTAG v2.5x Standard 14-way IDC (0.1") connector

EJTAG v2.6x PDTRACE 38-way MICTOR connector

Optional INCLA7816/SIM-Format Probe Adapters

EJTAG v2.5x Standard 14-way IDC (0.1") connector

Optional INCLA7816/SIM-Format Probe Adapters

EJTAG v2.5x Standard 14-way IDC (0.1") connector

Optional INCLA7816/SIM-Format Probe Adapters




Order Codes



Order Code

SmartMIPS Development Tools CD (includes PathFinder for SmartMIPS, AsIDE, Algorithmics' SDE-MIPS GNU Tools and SmartMIPS MIPSsim Software Simulator)


Opella for SmartMIPS


Genia for SmartMIPS


Vitra for SmartMIPS Networked Emulator with standard 64Kframes x 128-bit trace


Vitra for SmartMIPS Networked Emulator with optional 512Kframes x 128-bit trace


Ashling INCLA7816 card reader interface



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