PSI/SI Editor



  PSI/SI Editor can edit the contents ofPAT,PMT,CAT,NIT,SDT and EIT.It works with the  multiplexer and totally complies with ETS300 468.
The configurable parameters are displayed with hex and decimal ,and user can set them with decimal .Also ,user can select the number from the relative number list.User does not  need to study how to construct the Transport Stream,and the editor can send out the edited can send out the edited tablesas TS format.

Friendly user interface,it's easy to use even for the unprofessional user.It's a great tool to edit the EPG for the DTV equipment manufacturer,integrator,electronic education system,and STB developer,etc.


System Configuration

Operation system Windows2000 with SP4 or WindowsXP with SP2
CPU Pentium 4, 3.0GHz or more
Accompanying with Bluetop’s TS transmission or receiving interface card
Input XML file
XML file and MPEG Transport Stream file
For DEMO TRIAL, pleaase contact us.

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