Enfora Guide, Tutorial, Programmer Refernence Manual


Getting Started/Tutorial Guide:

1. How to Setup and Send SMS
2. Using Terminal Program to Test GPRS for TCP/UDP
3. Sending AT Command via SMS
4. Modem Status Query
5. Event Monitor And Reporting .

User Guide:

1. GSM1308 (SA-G+) RS232C GSM/GPRS Modem User Guide
2. GSM1308 (SA-G+) AT Command Set Manual V1.01
3. EDG1228 (SA-EL) USB EDGE/GSM/GPRS Modem User Manual
4. EDG1228 (SA-EL) QuickStart Guide
3. Enfora Enabler Pad Configuraton and Usage for TCPIP/UDP via GPRS Guide

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