PICmicroŽ microcontrollers


Phyton offers a complete development tool solution for virtually all PICmicroŽ microcontrollers produced by Microchip Technology and their clones.

What is the Project-MC? This is a tool set that includes hardware and software tools for developing applications based on the PIC microcontrollers under control of one integrated development environment (IDE). You can select only those tools you need and order the Project-MC configuration that fits your needs and your budget. The following configurations can be ordered:




A full package includes PASM-MC macro assembler, PDS-MC software debugger/simulator, PICE-MC in-circuit emulator and ChipProg+ universal programmer integrated under control of the Project-MC IDE. The IDE with an embedded editor, project manager and PASM-MC macro assembler is a common part of either Project package. This tool set provides a complete development cycle, from editing source texts, to getting debugged code, and "burning" it into a target microcontroller or memory device. Popular third parties' compilers can also be bundled with the Phyton's tools.

Is just a certain "Project-MC/xxx" a proper part number for ordering? No, the PICE-MC emulator can include distinct boards and adapters that support different target derivatives and packages. So you should find exact part numbers of the emulator boards, which you need and then put them on your quote request or purchase order.

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