Water Weater Sensor Probes Transitter Datalogger Instruments and Handheld Meters.

RF Remote Wireless Telemetry Logger,, SCADA, Telemetry, SMS/GPRS Remote Monitor Terminal (Support DIO, Analog, Relay Output). System Integration, Embedded Hardware/Software Project related to M2M and Remote Telemetry. Design and Development Services.
SCADA System and Design service for environmental and Water Qualities
Water and Weather Stations, Sensor Probe 4-20mA Transmitter Display Controller Datalogger for Water Level, Flow, PH, Temperature, ORP, Turbidity, Conductivity, Chlorine, Dissolve Oxygen.
Rain Gauge, Tipping Buckets.
Low Cost Datalogger Battery Operated.
Water/River Flow probe

Texas Electronics

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges, Complete Weather Stations,
Controllers, Displays, Indicators, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature/Humidity


Water Level Sensor, Barometric Logger, Ground Water Sampler, Multi Level/ Zone Ground Water Sampler, Bladder Pump, Peristatic Pump, Water Level Meter, Data Logger &Telemetry System, Bailer


Water Level Sensors, Water Quality Sensor for robust ground water, Aquaculture. [Dissolved Oxygen, PH, ORP, Temperature]


Raven-Eye Non Contact Radar Flow Sensor for Open Channel, Wastewater, Effluent Measurement.



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